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SAPRIL PEOPLE s.r.o. is a personnel agency operating on the market since 2005. We mediate jobs for candidates in the Czech Republic. For companies, we mediate candidates, short and long-term hire of labour or outsourcing of some production processes. We hold a licence from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs according to Act No. 435/2004 Coll., on employment

Services for employers

We offer our customers:

  • an efficient tool for searching for the most suitable candidates

  • time and cost saving search for candidates

  • production cost savings

  • efficient solution for unprecedented increases in production or inadequate production space

Temporary attachment of employees

Temporary attachment of employees continues to be the most commonly used personnel management method based on the takeover of duties and responsibilities related to the long-term and short-term hire of labour by the HR agency. It allows quick, easy and non-bureaucratic provision of personnel to meet the sudden increase in production or seasonal work.

Our company assumes full responsibility:

  • for recruitment of the necessary employees according to the required qualifications,

  • for the essential acts toward the authorities,

  • for conclusion of employment contracts

The solutions benefit the employers as follows:

  • reduction of personnel costs

  • quick and cheap solution for coverage of fluctuations in labour requirements

  • quick provision of qualified workers

  • reduction of bureaucracy

  • reduction of the HR department costs

Mediation of employees

According to the requirements, we find suitable candidates for the customer. We use our own database or targeted advertising to search for candidates.

Outsourcing of some production processes

In our production premises, with our employees, we take over selected, suitable production processes, such as some simple finishing or assembly work, etc. We can solve your problems with inadequate production space.

In addition, we provide exceptional quality control, grading at your premises or the premises of your customers based on your criteria.


Nádražní 557
436 01 Litvínov
Firm domicile:
Skyřická 221
434 01 Most – Vtelno
Tel.: +420 724 476 881


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